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Thursday, February 14, 2008

The hauling is getting a bit much

I'm going to have to go to a different mechanism for mineral acquisition. Both putting market buy orders and making more use of the contract system. Unfortunately to keep such a system going I'm still going to have to have more isk on hand since I still need the ability to buy off the market to top things up. This means that the total float needs to double or triple for my corp operations. Go me. The level of minerals however seems to feel right.

Here's the situation: With a mineral bunker, it limits my mineral buying to specific points in time. This makes it easy to adjust inventory value - as the new mineral values are averaged with the value of the remaining minerals. This new value then becomes the remaining mineral value for the next cycle. Also it's really easy to work on a restricted float - since you never pass the point you don't have enough isk to fill the bunker - mainly because the bunker is only empties to replace items as they are sold. Course the problem is that production lines stall until the bunker is re-filled. This wasn't bad when a single hauler full of mins could re-fill my bunker but with the increased tempo of sales I'm seeing, it's becoming problematic in that it can take up to 48 hours to fill the bunker now.

This means it's time to diversify my mineral acquisition techniques. I need to put up buy orders. I need get more pro-active on the alliance internal contract basis. Unfortunately these activities tie up isk for protracted periods of time and I can't touch the amount of isk necessary to fill the bunker from it's current value. This is problematic since I'll need to build up my isk reserve for other mineral acquisition techniques. Ah well this problem will solve itself in time. A more pressing problem is one in which the alliance needs to acquire minerals for alliance projects. And move them around. I'm going to have to recruit a member to take care of this from withing the alliance.

Ah well a leader's work is never done.

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