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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hauling and personal development

The last few days, I've been hauling and getting new skills. Just breaking up the monotony of the hauling. I need to see about getting the others to help out more with the hauling.

On the personal development front great strides have been made: I got the last rig for my mammoth. I got the skill for deep space transports. I purchased my first mammoth (22.2k m3 without rigs). I got the other faction racial drone specialization skills. I traded my 2nd Cryptic Tuner Data Interface for a Occult Tuner Data Interface. Typhoon #3 was put up on the market. Typhoon #4 was put up on the market and sold. So overall I really can't complain about the results.

On the flip side I find the lack of initiative in my alliance's pilots disturbing.... Trying to dodge "work" I guess.


Wyldfyre & Company said...

Argh. I just saw the "flip side" remark in the Hauling and personal development blog...

I got a issue with that one... I don't think we're trying to DODGE work - I think we're a tad swamped with it considering we're alot younger pilots all trying to get things going for us and our Corps.

-Teena Wyldfyre

Letrange said...

Actually that wasn't a jab at you :) more the others who are more stay at home. We have a few pilots who kinda stay back and wait to be guided to things to do.