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Monday, February 18, 2013

And I get my EVE on over the weekend

Well my carebear part of EVE anyways.  The problems with returning to EVE are manifold I'm finding out.  Part of the problem is I have a lot of friends who used to play EVE that I like playing MMOs with but they are not going to ever get back into EVE again.  So, when we find something that we like to play together it draws me away from EVE pretty effectively.

Unfortunately it's not a problem that is likely to go away as there is a marked lack of work on the carebear side of EVE.  Ah the dichotomy between what EVE is and what it has the potential to be.  10 years on and it's still about EVE's potential, not about what EVE is.

Be that as it may.  Due to other factors, I got back into EVE on the carebear side of things pretty hardcore.  I've figured out why.  With the death of incursions and with my faction standings at the point where further missioning will effectively lock me out of various parts of high sec, my non-pure carebear ways of making isk in high sec are severely limited.  And being effectively solo atm there are a lot of group activities that are also locked out.  So I said 'screw it' and went back to my carebear roots and decided to a) convert some of those concord LP I made back when I was running incursions and b) get back to mining.  FINALLY some forward progress with the isk reserve.  I also decided to do something different with PI and get into making some Nanite Repair Paste.  Apparently I'm currently the only supplier of NRP in {censored}.  With the upcoming patch on Tuesday we'll see how that pans out.

Oh, and in case I didn't mention it, I'll be going to Fanfest this year.


Shannara said...

Carebears ftw :) My wife and I got back into eve about 3 weeks ago. Training up skills, reviving old characters from 2010.

We are alone in our own corp so we can do our own thing ... but as we found out. There are tons of criminals out there who loves griefing.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

On my (very non-carebear) side of things, I'm slowly but sadly starting to think that "the third time will be the charm" as the saying goes. I'm not the gamer I used to be, plain and simple. Too many interesting tangents left, right and center. I am interested enough in a few things but I've been hearing the call for some deathmatch combat. I knew it was going to happen the day MWO was announced!

Stabs said...

Welcome back, I've always enjoyed reading your thoughts.

Eve has always seemed to me a great backburner game. When I get immersed in something else it's fun to have the skill queues ticking along - then when you come back after some months it's a real treat to have all this stuff trained.

Stabs said...

PS NRP is hot. If you'll forgive me for blowing my own trumpet:
and see also:

Anonymous said...

I must say Welcome Back! And good to see you trying to blog again.

I've always enjoyed your readings here. You were one of the first three blogs about EVE i ever read when i was doing EVE Research about just trying out the game reading this entire blog from the very beginning. So i've spent allot of time here a bit back reading all these pages in the shadows.

So welcome back and hope to see what you get up to over time.