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Friday, February 22, 2013

Good week so far.

Well, I've finally had a good solid week in EVE.  I managed to get some cyclones built right before the patch.  They haven't sold yet, but all the cyclones ahead of them have.  So it looks like the weekend should be good for sales.  So, what have I been doing?

1) PI.  I've switched my PI stuff over to NRP (Nanite Repair Paste).  Between the making of most of the P1's myself (most of 9 out of 11) I don't have to backfill with too much stuff purchased at a trade hub.  My main production planet has been switched over to be able to work on a 2-3 day cycle (there may be one final adjustment to make but hey).  So it looks like my sustainable production rate will be 750 NRP per day once I make some final adjustments.  With about 25% of materials sourced from outside sources.  The profits on this are currently very good.  I'm not even bothering to put up sell orders, just dumping on buy orders.  The spread between my costs and the buy orders is sufficient that I might as well dump.  Once the spread tightens up we'll see about putting up some sales orders.

2) Converting Concord LP.  I wanted an upgraded Capital Shield Transporter for my suitcase carrier.  So I got the 5 run bpc and made 4 to dump on Jita (at a profit above 1k isk per lp) while the fifth is simply upgrading my existing Capital Shield Transporter.

3) Republic Fleet Ammo.  There were some interesting surprises here.  I had been told by someone who didn't run the numbers that some of the Caldari Navy light missiles were great because of the spread between them and the T1 missiles were better than RF ammo.  Hah!  I ran some test runs.  Turns out the RF ammo came in with sometimes more than 2k isk per LP and handily beat out CN light missiles.  This is mainly due to the higher lp/missile cost of CN Missiles.  Always run the numbers.  After the test batches I settled on the 3 most profitable types of RF M projectile ammo and went to town.

4) Getting my bunker topped up.  Then burning most of it making aforementioned cyclones.  On patch day I put up the resulting production on the local market at a reasonable profit point based on the new mineral costs and have slowly been watching all the under-priced (i.e. cost less than the minerals to make a new one) Cyclones melt off the market (the Really under-priced ones got snapped up quite quickly, but I didn't want my liquid going any lower at the time, so I didn't get in on that action.  And I knew it would take a bit of time to clear out the lower priced orders, but as we approach the weekend, there was only one left.  So hopefully I'll see some sales.

5) Mining.  Nice thing about mining - it does not affect your standings with the various factions.  I'm getting to the point where I have to watch out for that due to my low standings with the Amarr and Caldari states.  So my main is now dis-inclined to run too many more missions.  So I'm slowly building up my mineral reserves again.  Looks like a good solid 28-30mil each time I fill my orca which takes about 2h.  Not great but not too shabby either and its a very low "opportunity costs" endeavor.

I'm going to see if I can hook up with some Incursion running corps over the weekend.  Hopefully if I can get with people that run incursions with some regularity I will be able to reduce the massive opportunity costs of incursion running these days.

We'll see.

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