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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maintenance mode

Humm, I seem to be mentally waiting to see "what's next" out of CCP.  As such I've been doing quite a bit of non-EVE gaming lately (since this is an EVE blog you don't get to hear about it - sorry).  I'm very curious to see what the new direction will give as delivery come spring/summer - aka post fanfest update.

On the skill front, my main progresses and now has Medium Energy Weapons with both Beam and Pulse at spec-4 (short for Specialization xxx level 4).  So I've started the Large energy weapon trek to 5 with future plans on getting Large Spec 4 for both types.

Once that's done there's going to be some back fill.  Amarr frigate 5, and Frigate Construction 5 are kinda high on that list.  Then it'll probably be time to work on the evil carrier skills so that it's more than just a glorified taxi.  But that's a long term plan.

The "main alt" has got level 4 in a whole pile of skills and just completed Recon 5 (yay!).  Now I plan to get most of those skills that are at 4 and are needed to fly/use modules on the recon to 5.  This will allow my alt to be rather effective as a cyno 5 pilot.

My "primary research alt" is now working on getting all the racial research skills to 4.  Invention and manufacturing are in his future at this point.

Apart from that, I've mostly been doing PI.


Latro said...

You are not alone - waiting, watching and hoping.

Panthe Tek said...

While not posting about other games in your blog, you could answer a question in the comments that noone would mind.

What are you other games?

Just curious to see what the other jack of almost all trades are doing in their EVE free time, as the World of Tanks fever has settled down a bit.