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Monday, October 3, 2011

And I pass 70mil SP

Apparently (according to EVE gate) I passed the 70mil SP mark over the weekend.  I'm currently skilling through Drone Interfacing 5.  It's one of the pre-requisites for Carriers.  Once all the pre-requisites are done, I'm probably not going to pick up Capital Ships and Minmatar Carrier right away (pricy), and once all the pre-requisites are done, I'll probably finish off Frigate Construction 5 (want to be able to build my own Wolves/Jaguars) and then work on all the Amarr tree (get Lazorz skillz and then make sure frigate/cruiser/BS are at 5) followed by the Caldari tree. 

I thought about command ships, but since I already have T3 unlocked (and fairly well skilled up) the price difference between a T2 equiped T3 and a T2 equipped Command ship is not that much, I figured it can wait until I get my leadership skills in place first.  As a grunt in a 0.0 alliance (well the corp isn't at this moment in time, but it will be again in the future), the flexibility to fly the "flavor of the month" fleet fits is probably a higher priority than getting in command ships.  So getting Amarr/Caldari up to snuff on the sub-cap arena is called for.

Bombers seem to be cyclically popular so I'll probably max out some skills in that arena at some time.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

w00t! Gratz on the lofty milestone :)

So, when are you logging in to lose a few Rifters?

Magson said...

Gratz! I canceled my account a couple of months ago now and was pushing 70 million, but not quite there. I had just barely trained Amarr Carrier, but I've never actually bought or rented/borrowed one to sit in at all. Kinda wish I had, but. . . meh.