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Monday, September 13, 2010

One last roam

So, Sunday at noon we had organized one last roam before I effectively reduce my presence in EVE. I put out the call to "bring the good stuff". We did not get lucky (the pirates were being cagey Sunday), but this kill mail should show what I meant by "The good stuff". Altogether a successful roam. Not as target rich as one could wish but 2 kills for no losses during the OP puts it squarely in the "success" category.

I was on grid for the Thorax kill, but was a little slow getting to the target.

And I got my PvP Loki blooded.

*evil grin*

It also gave me a bit of a feel for the fit.

About the only things that were a little lacking with it for this type of a roam was targeting speed and agility. Definitely more of a the "pocket battlecruiser" feel than the "overpowered cruiser" feel.

My gut feeling is that the fit might better suit a 0.0 roaming HAS gang more than a low sec roaming HAS gang. Although to be honest this was more of a roaming Recon gang (We had 5 Recons in the gang as you could see and 2 Vagabonds and an interceptor. The Tengu was a gang boosting Tengu and My Loki was fit like a Huginn. As requested if you couldn't fly a T2 Cruiser or an interceptor, bring a well fit cruiser. We only had one of those. All in all a fun 2.5h roam through low sec.

Now to address the next year+ of taking a break from EVE. I've stopped the subscriptions on my two alt accounts. I'll be keeping my main account alive though in order to skill flip through some rather tedious skills. I still have 4 BS weapons to get to T2 level 4s. Then there's Logistics and all the command ship skills as well as Interdictor/HIC. After that there's some more Industrial skills (Frigate Construction V, Battleship Construction, Various T2 Science skills).

I'll probably keep an eye on developments and patches and what not but from here on in, don't expect any posting regularity. I'll probably only post when skills ding V and/or when some interesting piece of information hits the news wire.

So either fly safe if you're a carebear and fly dangerous if you're a PvP pilot.


CrazyKinux said...

As per my usual self, I missed both the Saturday night player meet and the Sunday afternoon PvP fun!

If you start up a blog on what you're playing or working on, please email me the details!

Cheers and see you in a year or so!


Carole Pivarnik said...

All the best, Let! Thanks for all the wormhole and other advice you gave me when I embarked upon that adventure!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Was an awesome roam... too bad Mynxee and company missed it XD

Well, if your chokobo has a cold or something you're welcome to kill shit with us any time :)

PS: C ya soon IRL anyway :))

Kename Fin said...

Thanks for all the memories. [Well at least all the helpful comments and consideration.] We'll hit you up for more when you get back [and with some real skills to boot].

Ms. Fin

Letrange said...

@ck NP, it'll be an FFXIV blog but it won't start until my char logs on on day 1.

@mynxee any time :)

@coz hehe, yep I'll probably pop back in from time to time.

@kename, later :)

Flashfresh said...

Always enjoyed your posts - my best wishes to you as you enjoy your new found freedom and time!