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Friday, September 3, 2010


I've done it! I've achieved what few pilots in New Eden are even capable of! I have managed to get my main to fit all his inventory in a single station!

Finally got a set of +4's in my skull as well. Also managed to get to Jita with about 500mil worth of materials and disposed of same. DST ftw. While I was there I bought up some T2 advanced moon goo in the quantities necessary to build 1 Hyena and 2 Hounds. As well as the missing Ship Data Interfaces (much cheaper now than in the day).

So I'm back at the high sec base with everything. Started some builds and all is good.


VonBargenJL said...

I try to do this pretty regularly. I have nearly everything I own in a market hub so I can buy/sell as I need. With the exception of that, I have a PvE fit ship in the station where I do missions, and a shuttle/haulers where I do afk/courier missions.

Unknown said...

I understand the celebration. I started just a few months ago and did this consolidation once, not fun. I do what VonBargenJL said and leave PVE ships in some missioning stations.

Anonymous said...

Grrr... I only ever manage to get it down to about 4 stations. 3 is the absolute minimum for me

Anonymous said...

Have a minimum of 6...

Main station in Sinq Laison, near Dodixie
Hulk and fitting stuff in my mining system in Sinq Laison
Mission stuff in mission station in Sinq Laison
Shuttle in the station of my main supply company in "everyshore"
Shuttle in "jita"
Shuttle in "the bleak lands"