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Friday, December 4, 2009


My plan is progressing. Last night my alt managed to get into a class 4 that has a static to class 5's. This should allow me to get some good exposure to class 5 wormholes in order to scout them effectively for the type of wormhole system I'm looking for. Now I just need to get my main in there.

Speaking of my main, I'd had a stealth bomber (Hound) sitting in a station container in my main base. Basically I've been holding off fitting it out since I couldn't fit a bomb launcher yet. I suddenly realized that with Dominion, the pre-requisites for the bomb launcher have changed. A quick check revealed that yes indeed I could now learn the Bomb Deployment skill. A quick trip using the Prowler over to matari space allowed me to acquire and slap the skill in.

Some quick EveHQ work later and I had a workable fit. Due to change in weapons a while ago, stealth bombers no longer use Cruise Missiles, but Torpedoes. I do have T1 Siege skills to 4 (not getting to T2 until I'm ready to get BS weaponry to T2), but I had not fit the ship since I did not have the bomb launcher skill yet. Now that it was going to be there in short order, it was time to get this ship ready for use. Some quick running around and I had all the missing pieces and a new stealth bomber that can get to warp in 3.25 seconds. I also made myself a run of bombs and stuffed 4 of them in the bomber (2 up the snout and 2 in the hold).

Tonight's plan:
Main: centralize the last 6 ships using a single Orca trip. Then prepare for the first orca trip into the new home and prepare load outs for the rest of the POS.
Alt: Meanwhile the alt will continue scanning for a new home. Possibly a quick trip to k space to get an entrance for my main so he can get to the class 4 I'm currently in as it's static is rather useful for my current objectives of scouting out as many class 5's as I can to get a good system.


Anonymous said...

I'm still stuck in that C5 from a few days ago. I've scouted probably 10 or more C5's and have yet to find one with a static C4 or lower connection, they have all been static C5, C6 or Null connections. That sounds like a great find!

Another skill they lowered the pre-reqs for is Archaeology, no more Survey V! I'm going to grab that one later myself.

Diametrix said...


Does the C4 your alt is in have a static to K space?? Or a static to a lower class W space that provides K space access??

I'm not following how your getting to the C4.


Letrange said...

The C4 is a deep C4 since it only has a C5 static. Basically to get my main in there I'm going to have to head to a c5 then find a way "up" to k-space. Should be faster as I don't need to be exhaustive in any system I'm not actually trying to figure out the static.