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Monday, December 7, 2009

Last EVE meet of the year

And we had the last EVE meet of the year here in Montreal. I'd like to thank Cozmik R5, BlueMiner (and BlueMiner's S.O. - I think), Havegun Willtravel, Uozag, mokmo3, cartboard box and IvanAsen for showing up. As per usual this marks the end of the meet season for 2009 as most of our next meets involve friends and family and RL type of commitments. Fot those unfamiliar with the Montreal EVE meet scene, it's fairly informal, a bunch of us get together every 2 weeks on Saturday at a local bar (one bar if it's rainy, a different one if it's sunny). One's an Irish pub, the other is one of the local microbreweries.

As far as the wormhole exploration goes I'm still hunting for a good class 5 to settle in, I've managed to get both myself and my scanning/hauling alt in class 4 systems with statics to class 5's. I'm debating getting a third account and making nothing but scanning alts on it. It's not very long to get the skills for a scanning alt in place and having multiple of them that I can drop off in wormhole systems would be very useful.

Well, time to go read the EVE-o forums for Dominion discussion chew bones. I'm sure that I'll find a few.


Flashfresh said...

Drink lots of beer. Take pictures. Drink more beer. Take more pictures. Do this until you pass out. Post pictures once you regain consciousness.


Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Sounds like a plan for the first one of 2010 :)) Next official one is on January 9th (happy Bday Jimmy Page!) but somewhere just before Spring Break (Feb. 6th or 20th) it'd be fun to have a big one, which will be announce way in advance of course.

On that note I'd like to thank the CCP forum admins for keeping my thread stickied for so long!

Joyeux Noël & Bonne Année to all !!!


Letrange said...


Take a look over a year ago if you want pics :P

Yakshamsh said...

Thats awesome man. I really wish my area had a eve community like that...

Chi Nwi said...

Damn it man, you guys should come south for the winter meet!

I am in TAMPA for God's sake!