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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, one can't accuse those vikings of staying away from the ragged edge of game development. A quick perusal of the keynote speech from CCP at the GDC Europe 2009 conference would indicate that a new console game is heading our way.

Here is the concept: Have an EVE based FPS console game where objectives and cash for success can be set by EVE players and the FPS crowd shoots it out and the success/failure becomes one of the components of the sovereignty equation.

Now I'm not sure of any other triple-A title that has gone as far as to merge two separate game styles as EVE-Online and an FPS into the same universe. You can't accuse CCP of leaving the envelope un-stretched. Should CCP pull this off and merge genres like this and should "walking in stations" (or whatever it is eventualy called) prove to be some sort of bridge between the two genres within the same persistant universe (pure speculation on my part but it fits the fact that WIS seems to be pushed back till after DUST 514 arrives - And I'm speculating it's arrival as being "soon" since it's supposed to affect sovereingty and sov changes are coming in the winter expansion) then they will have effectively blown past any and all competition (not that they had much as it stands).

I also predict that the larger EVE entities will not have any problem forming ground elements in DUST 514 to prosecute their objectives. Another safe prediction is that there will be virulent discussion about this both before, during and after it's released. Some people will love it. Some will hate it and quit EVE altogether (um... can I have your stuff - just contract it to Letrange on your way out of the game... k... tks... bai...). But few will be left un-engaged. I just hope some sort of joint EVE-DUST account is possible for those of us who will want to play both.

Ah CCP, I see you subscribe to "screw your puny expectations" theory of game changes.


Magson said...

I 1st saw this at Crazy Kinux's blog, and while I don't much care for FPS and don't even own a console, but I may be re-evaluating that in the future. . . .

jamenta said...

The concept is awesome and epic. "Puny expectations" indeed!

Just wonder how they're going to pull it off. I imagine initially you're going to have a buttload of console players signing up upon release and how many Eve players will have contracts ready for them to accept?

I imagine they're going to have to have some kind of militia DUST 514 for the factions, and that planetary fighting will be able take place independent of just contracts.

Anonymous said...

Jamenta said,"I imagine they're going to have to have some kind of militia DUST 514 for the factions, and that planetary fighting will be able take place independent of just contracts"

As I've read from others in the blogosphere this morning, any good FPS player will want action; fast-furious and uncomplicated with CORPS, CONTRACTS and COMPLEXITY.

All well and good for the dust ridden gravity well dwelling ground pounders (Console FPS players).

What if DUST 514 allows you to drop and and fight fight fight till your heart's content or, pause..coordinate with a team and accept a very profitable offer from one of those vaccuum breathing, pod dwelling, spreadsheet reading fleeters (EVE PLAYER).

Then we can all be happy.


jamenta said...

I'll let you know the vacuum i breathe is highly refined!

But I agree, and good idea to provide either quick combat action or for those more inclined, accepting contracts from the spreadsheeters.

Methinks CCP will definitely go the "militia" route for the Dusters ... it just makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Goonswarm already has an active effort underway to ruin Dust.

If you can get into the SA forums you will see what i mean. They intend for Dust to fail at launch.