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Monday, August 24, 2009

Over the weekend.

This weekend was a mixed bag as far as things went. On one hand I had real life commitments, and as a consequence I did not get a lot of game time. On the other hand my alliance seems to have made better use of class 4 wormholes than previously. The summer doldrums continue apace with some people being away from the game for extended periods. Various burnouts are also affecting things as well.

*shrug* these things happen.

We haven't been lucky getting any core ladar sites recently and that is definitely going to start affecting things. Most salvage are coming in bucket quantities. Even with the new NIM drop rates there will only be a gradual shift of the bottleneck (and corresponding price rise) to Melted Nanoribbons.

On a more personal scale I finally hit Heavy Assault Ship 3 and Recon Ship 3 over the weekend. At this point the plan is to finish getting those to 4, then switch to some tank skills and make sure I can use tech 2 shield boost amplifiers and get hull upgrades 5 in place. Once I do that it'll be missile skills for a while till I get my frigate and cruiser sized missile weapons up to the tech 2 range. Then the vague plan is to go back and pick up the necessary skills for reverse engineering of all T3 related relics. And finally at some point get Frigate Construction 5 which will allow me to pretty much invent and build all T2 ships I can fly.

Gha, so many skills to get in place...


Carole Pivarnik said...

Did Recon V awhile back, took a long time. But these days (35.5M sps) I'm happy to have long skills to train. Set 'em and forget 'em. Not quite 4 days here to Graviton Physics IV so I can fit my Broadsword with a bubble; then 18.5 days to Anchoring V so I can train Starbase Defense Management. Then Leadership bonus-related skills to IV. After that, I think it'll be back to drone skills for a good while.

I'm sure I'll get sidetracked a dozen times along the way :)

Hmm and really I should stick some +4's in my head. Forgot to do that last time I got podded.

jamenta said...

How much RT I have been able to invest has made a huge difference for my in-game growth.

I imagine coordinating and managing RT for an alliance is quite a challenge.

I hope to in the future, to create less RT requirements for my Industrialist so I can focus my time in other areas ... reduce time spent hauling and focus on primarily high-end sale products to don't have to sell quantity (only quality).

But only been in game 1.5 months, necessary to have plenty of RT available for decent monetary growth.

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Yep, nanoribbons are making me happy these days :))

@Mynxee: tell me when you're ready for the Broadsword; I'll give you The Fit. :)

Unknown said...

so i guess we need C320, C540
since you are looking for Core gas sites?
im coming back to the W-Hole, there are too maney people in hi sec

Letrange said...

@apis, yep we always need those and yep high sec is crowded