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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I finaly get some mining in.

I spent yesterday evening in high sec. Got my minerals refined (also finally tracked down a perfect refine station 5 jumps from my main base). The last few days saw some actual mining getting done. The most annoying thing was with all my spread out skills, I discovered I wasn't actually ready to go after Mercoxit. So I had to look at a 10000 unit Mercoxit roid taunting me. Ah well, got plenty of Arkonor out of that belt.

I also finally got my Hurricane BPO in working order. BPOs for copying and sale of BPCs need higher research levels, but for just profitable use I find that 10ME and 10PE is usualy sufficient. ME 20 would be better, but I have a LOT of BPOs to get through.


Anonymous said...

GAH! Contact me next time! Dar can mine Mer!

Slayfoe said...

Come to Sleeper Space - lots of nice big juicy roids, more than you would EVER be able to mine!

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

@Slayfoe: I think our alliance knows about this :)

Letrange said...

um.. I was mining in wormhole space. I've stopped mining in k-space all together.