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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blah POS moving

Well I have successfully moved my Corporation POS to it's new home in the same system as the alliance POS. This will simplify my logistics considerably since I won't need to haul goods and ice products to different systems. All I need to do now is get day trading and my manufacturing center will become nicely autonomous with only visits for filling up the bunkers and personal production.

In other news we've acquired another small industrial corp. I'm hoping Doc will be back soon as if theres' not a lot of activity in golden boys I may request he simply remove it from the alliance till he has it working since we're really not in Caldari space.

At this point I'll now be concentrating on getting various NPC corp standings up and getting 0% tax at more stations so I can refine things more efficiently. Speaking of which we'll need to get a list of which NPC corps each person capable of perfect refines has.

Well on to more eeeeevile grinding for standing.

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