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Monday, January 21, 2008

Bit of an AFK weekend

Real life took a bit of a lead this weekend and I couldn't be online a lot. Letrange was but he was mainly AFK flying in hi-sec from place to place with me only occasionally showing up to chat.

I will admit to being highly disappointed by the alliance op that was planned. Not many people showed up and the person that organized it barely showed before he had to leave. I'd like to thank the people I noticed Valk, qofe, Georges, and two others who's names escape me atm (someone please pop in here and put down who was there so I can edit this).

As I stated above I knew I'd be afk most of the day Sunday so All I could do was show up in my battlecruiser to provide the bonuses and depend on the other people there to keep the fleet organized. We need to look into why people weren't getting the bonuses all the time. We also need to get more organized. When someone calls an op they need do some things:

- Don't try and determine the site ahead of time. Just determine the general area
- Scout out the exact site in the hour before the start time.
- Be there for the first 2 hours of the actual operation with a planned hand off to other operation leads once you can no longer be there (if the operation is going to be longer than an hour or two)

We really need to organize these ops better since simply receiving the ores is a lot of work for me at that point. The disposition of the minerals of these types of ops need to also be planned out in advance.

If we can't get our act together on this we'll probably need to go to some other form of financing for the alliance operating expenses. We'll see.

AMC BS Project
The BS Project will be getting underway some time this week. I'll be making an alt corp with the one remaining alt I have and will organize the corp necessary for that alt to do it's job. Look for EvE posts in alliance eve-mail regarding this sometime this week.

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