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Monday, May 19, 2014

Status Report.

Hey all,

Been active in FW for the last little bit.  Stayed on after the 1 month reactivation expired.  So looks like the burnout is no longer an issue.  Just haven't been motivated to post much since most of what I've been doing in FW is fly logi.  That's been going well.  It's nice to be part of a corp where we have consistent logi piloting in our fleets.  I am getting better as a logi pilot through plenty of practice.  So much so that I need to remember to make isk sometimes.  The times I am on are also the times for lots of Aideron fleet activity so I literally could be fleeting up every single evening.  Which is great as far as getting my PvP on goes, but not so much for isk related activities on my main.

The alt is not active.  Just on one account for the moment, but things are going well.

Apart from this quick status report, I'll be making some posts in the upcoming weeks regarding the industry revamp.  There are quite a lot of changes coming and I must admit to being pleased they are happening.  But details coming in other posts.

Hang loose people it's going to be an interesting summer one way or another.


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