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Sunday, May 5, 2013


And I crawl home after the epicness that was Fanfest 2013.  The announcements were I must admit, nice but nothing to write reams over.  Plus I missed the Friday keynotes (feeling under the weather at that point).  Didn't miss the pub-crawl after though.  And did get to the Saturday keynote.

I must admit that the big thing for this Fanfest was meeting people I had known for over 6 years in the flesh for once.

Shout out to Cerui and Arancia.  Nice to be able to put a face to the voice.

Congratz to Ripgard again.

And once again thanks to the Montreal crew that made it:  Louis, Jean-Louis and Jean-François.

Oh and of course a shoutout to Pub Crawl team 12 and the Ops guys.

(p.s. what is Anders's CCP name - anyone know?  I asked but I was drunk so memory spotty at this point)

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