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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


No, I'm not dead.

Yes, I'm still following what's going on.  I've just been engrossed by other games more than EVE recently.  Mind you I have kept skill flipping my main.  I seem to have fallen victim to EVE's notorious mid-life blahs.  Just posting to note the fact that my main character finally hit 90 million skill points.  Yay!  Getting close to maxing out my Matari leadership skills.  In 9 days I'll have Fleet command 4 which should suffice for a good long while.

I must admit I'm waiting on the winter release and it's updating of all T1 frigates thru cruisers.  As a non-pirate and ex-wormhole resident, I must admit that the changes to crimewatch and faction warfare leave me... Meh.  Especially since the FW stuff was mainly to fix some rather broken mechanics that have flooded EVE with isk in my absence.  Way to go CCP, your own internal economist tells you you've got too many faucets and what do you do? open up a big one with incursions and follow it with a bigger one in FW...  Brilliant.  And people wonder why the price of plexes shot sky high.

On the flip side - it does make the BPOs for Capital ships and stuff like that more affordable.  *shrug*, since I'm skill flipping atm it's kind of not impacting me much, oh well.

I must admit I'm kind of at a loss on which direction to go once I head back into the game.  Haven't had much luck in 0.0 so that's lost it's luster quite a bit.  The industrial changes are probably a good year away.  The most interesting thing will be fleet and squadron crafting with the tiericide going on in the ship balancing side of things.

All other things being equal, I'll probably start playing again more actively in November.  To get up to speed before the December patch.  The big question is going to be what direction to take myself in game in.  One thing is sure.  If I don't have a direction to plan for I'll probably delay any re-joining of EVE for some more months.  Ah well there's plenty of boring skilling up of long term skills to burn thru.  Getting serious with the carrier skills alone can burn up at least a year's worth of skilling up.

Ah well, Fly safe-ish all.


Anonymous said...

How is FW a ISK faucet when the money comes from other players?

SandallE said...

I was about too reply similarly. FW is an ISK sink, not a faucet.