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Friday, August 10, 2012

Missioning to get my legs back under me.

The problem with EVE online (well one of them anyways) is that if you're away long enough you start to rust.  ATM I'm running missions in order to get the basics up and running again.  One of the advantages of doing this is that it permits me to try out the mining ships on mission roids.

In other good news I finally have 0% tax for refines on my main base.  If you think about it it's not surprising it's taken THIS LONG to get there.  Various breaks, trips to 0.0, wormhole space, incursions, faction warfare etc..  All these various things mean I haven't been able to do a lot of missions.  I also don't really have a proper L4 mission boat.  Interesting factoid:  I've gotten some of the standard L4 missions lately.  The Assault, Worlds Collide, things of the sort got spooled up.  Now most of these have decent roid belts.  So I got to fit out my Mak as a normal miner for the first time.  And you know what?  I still went into those mission belts with my alt in the Orca...  One VERY nice change about taking the Mak was with the larger roids.  I could get up and stretch without worrying that my hold would over-fill and I'd be back to lasers not working. 

Yes I realize that's more dangerous with gankers going around killing things in belts.  But then again it's a law of averages thing.  Going for mission roids is safer than belt mining.  Why you ask?  Simple.  Most gankers are lazy.  If they weren't they'd be in 0.0 doing something harder like helping their alliance take/defend space.  So they go for the easy kills (there are enough of those to keep em occupied).  Namely Hulks in normal asteroid belts...  Makinaws in a mission deadspace?  95% of the time it's not worth the effort:

1) he's behind an acceleration gate
2) he's probably 50+km from the gate - quite a few mission roids are.
3) he's probably paying more attention than your typical belt miner
4) ships that can travel 100km from a gate to a Mak before said Mak can warp off usually don't have the DPS to suicide gank the new Mak.  Especially if it's been tanked.
5) ANYONE randomly appearing in someone's deadspace intends something "nefarious".  So there's no hesitation - you see someone in your mission, you react.
6) even with a cloaky trying to get a warp in if it's over 150km away from the arrival point there are issues.  Most deadspaces don't permit warping....
7) Given the above, why waste the time scanning down mission miners and probably have them easily get away when you can simply go for the lazy Hulk miners in belts?

Sure some gankers are dedicated to their craft.  And will hunt someone down.  But they are much more rare than the typical suicide ganker.  Remember it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you...

Yep re-building the proper paranoid attitude is part of knocking off the rust.

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