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Friday, May 18, 2012

Tower down (in a good way)

Over the last, oh say, 6 months or so I've been running my high sec research tower.  It finally got to the end of it's run.  I.e. Everything I wanted researched was researched to the levels I wanted them to be.  Mostly this means up to 20ME and 20PE unless "perfect" happens before those values.  The PE levels were more on the off chance CCP wakes up and notices that the manufacturing durations have very little effect on the price of any manufactured goods and decide "Oh, hey Dr. E was looking for more isk sinks".

Increasing the isk cost of high sec manufacturing/research/copy slots by a factor of 10 or so would do wonders to putting towers (aka targets) in space, not to mention balance risk and reward - you risk a tower - you get rewarded by reduced manufacturing costs and some other pilot(s) gets the isk for the fuel instead of the NPCs.

But would CCP do this?  I think not.  Call me a pessimist at the moment but that looks like a rather straight forward minor change (we're only changing the rates here - no art assets, no new mechanism) that would have a lot of the effects CCP purports to say they are looking for.  When something this obvious is being ignored - especially after devs have pointed out in the past that they would like to increase the impact of PE on cost (CCP Chronotis back in the day), it makes me question what exactly they are looking for instead of what they say they are looking for.

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Landredas said...

While I think this could very well be coming, I believe they will not make that change until they redo POS. Currently the POS system is such a mess it's hard to argue that people should be pushed towards using them. Hopefully we see POS being one of the main points of a expansion soon, for this and all kinds of other reasons.