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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to work.

Well, I managed to survive the holidays once again.  I also managed to run some good incursions over the holidays.  Spent just about all of it already buying materials and fittings for the ships I'm preparing for 0.0 as well as fittings for my carrier (yikes, fitting out a carrier is not cheap).  By tonight I should be able to learn the skill that will let me fit the last module in place.  By no means does this imply I am ready to fly/fight with my carrier.  It remains a suitcase carrier for now.  I have about 6 months of skill training ahead of me on the carrier skills.  And that's after I can get in the Guardian.  A rarity of me, I'm actually cross training to Amarr cruiser 5 in order to get into the armor logistics ships.

On the PI front, I've slowed down since Incursions and preparations for the move to 0.0 are talking so much of my time.  My research alts are banging away relentlessly on the holes in my BPO collection.  All is prepared for the fuel switch over later this month.  So all is well on that front.

All this progress makes me wonder what wrench is about to be thrown in my plans.  There's sure to be one.  Come on, this is EVE.

Fly safe all and a happy new year!

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