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Sunday, November 29, 2009

40mil SP

Well this weekend I finally hit 40mil SP.

Letrange's Skills

As you can see, the largest chunk is in Science. This is not surprising as I can invent, reverse engineer and manufacture T2 and T3 items. I'm heading into a mostly ship skill period for the next bit to work on things like getting Logistics ships and getting T2 BS weapons etc... So most of the next 10mil SP should be combat related.

On the assets side of the equation I now have 780 BPOs (safely in high sec). I can prety much build what I can fly and fly what I can build for the most part. I still need to get a Tempest BPO and a Maelstrom BPO one day to complete that side of things. I also need to get the skills to at least fly the up to T1 cruisers of the other factions (which will call for small and medium laser and hybrid weapons which I currently don't have very far).

I spent the end of last week consolidating my POS stuff in high sec and getting prepared to move deep into wormhole space. Buying POS fuel etc... Saturday, to take a break from it all I did the entire newbie arc in a Loki. That was hilarious. Target and 1 volley per frigate. 6x 425mm just rip thru the newbie NPC frigates. It does send you around high sec though. I can see how it would be good for a newbie to do.

Sunday was spent mostly on my alt scanning. Scanning... And scanning some more. Once I get in a good system to stay more than a single day, I'll probably have my main join in the scanning. The hunt is on for an un-inhabited dual static (both to w-space) class 5 system to settle in. We'll see what we find over the next week.


Carole Pivarnik said...

Gratz! I'm about 300K skill points behind you; most of my nearly 40M are combat- and spaceship-related. I can remember passing that first 10M landmark and thinking how much easier it was to fit things and so forth. 40M is a world away from that!

On to the magical 50M...race ya!

maniac69uk said...


****** ******

I'm just approaching 20 mill..

I really MUST finish doing the learning skills lol

Benoit CozmikR5 Gauthier said...

Gratz buddy!

I also have to do what Maniac said; I should be hitting 25M SP next week and at this point everything is a long skill.

As Peter Gabriel once said, this amusement never ends :)

Letrange said...

@Mynxee - since I usually go around with no implants because I fly around in 0.0 type space you'll probably win :)

Gorgoleon said...

Mynxee always loses her implants in suicide 0.0 roams :)

Nice post Letrange, 40m SP is a good milestone!

Anonymous said...


Heres mine :L


Carole Pivarnik said...

Yeah, I fly without implants a lot :) Been lucky lately, though.