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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

T3 and the art of patience

Throughout all the adventures of the last few weeks, the alliance has managed to keep focused on the overall plan. We (and by we, I mean pilots other than myself and my alts) have managed to reverse engineer 2 hulls and 14 more subsystem bpcs which we should be able to build over the next few weeks.

Now that we've got a real reserve of T3 blueprints to burn thru I'm hoping that things will steady out into a constant rate of supply. We'll have to see if that materializes. This will however burn thru most of my hoarded supply of T3 components. After the first two weeks I established a reserve objective of 3 hulls and 45 subsystems (i.e. 1 hull BPC worth of T3 components and 3 of each type of Subsystem component). With 2 hulls and 17 subsystem bpcs so far (and more subsystem tries to be done some time next weekend) it looks like I got the proportions about right, but the quantity needs to be worked on. Good thing I've got some raw materials stockpiles as well.

Over the next week I'll see about leveling the stockpiles (I.e. dumping the real surplus on the market) and focusing the alliance's efforts resource gathering wise. We'll see how that works out in the long run, but this week should see the reactors in constant use and the T3 manufacturing machinery firing on all cylinders. Finally.

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