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Friday, February 28, 2014

Yep... Burnout city.

Hello anyone who's left.  Just a quick update.  Last august, I pretty much had a complete burnout on EVE.  Let the sub slide etc... etc... etc... (no you can't have my stuff).  I've just re-subbed for the month on the special 9.99 for a month deal, I'll do a quick check to see if my burn out is over (probably not) and skill for a month.

Some notes about the break:  I've been playing other games to get a real break from EVE.  Some Kerbal, Some Space Engineers, some FFXIV, some Minecraft and some World of Tanks seem to be my main-stays these days.  I will be back in EVE at some point in time.  Or, as I've been calling it "Hotel California Online".

Anyways just a quick update.

Monday, August 19, 2013

And two Scythes bite the bullet.

After an attempt by the corp CEO to get a hub bash going, it was decided to fold our small fleet into a larger fleet that was going after other targets.  Amusingly enough we initially started out in gank thrashers and a lone bait Hurricane appeared on grid.  With 5 Thrashers and a Heretic it's shields vanished with surprising rapidity.  At which point it's damage intake slowed to a crawl and the Guardians and Harbingers jumped in.  We obviously bail although one of the Thrashers didn't make it out (tackled by the Hurricane).  Obvious bait cane is obvious.

Then we re-ship to join the larger fleet.  Guess who we tangle with again?  yep C.L.O.N.E. again.  This time I loose the Scythe I'm in.  The fleet commander dis-engages and asks for some re-ships so that we may engage these guys and take out the Guardians.  4 Scythes and 3 Blackbirds (Amarr targeted obviously) make up the key composition.  Once again I'm in a Scythe.  This time I go down 3rd in line.  But the Scythes kept the Blackbirds alive long enough for the assault frigates to kill the enemy Guardians.  Apparently one hero Scythe and one Blackbird survived the main engagement.  For 4 Guardian kills.


All in all I don't mind loosing ships when we're getting exchanges like that.  Figure the average Scythe is about 20mil (hull, fittings and drones) and the Blackbirds were being valued at about 13mil each.  The Guardians were apparently worth about 136 mil each.  (according to eve-kill, here).

Once the Guardians were down the AFs went to after the Hurricanes and Harbingers.  We ended up with control of the field.  And all told I think it's obvious we won the Isk war in that engagement.  Although I'm left with some supply logistics work to get some Scythe hulls (and fitting kits) to the war zone.

In an aside issue, I just noticed that there is currently an over supply of Scythes in Dodixie.  As evidenced by their under mineral value sell prices.  Note to: self buy the hulls in Dodixie until the price goes above mineral value.  I assume we're still burning thru the pre-(Scythe re-ballance) supply of hulls (when Scythes were only worth something like 2.5-3 mil each).

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another corp fleet

I started off the evening doing some plexing.  Rather slow due to the initially excited pirates and squids in the area.  Then things settled down and I was able to finish a medium and a small plex.  Only loosing a novice plex to a squid.  Hookbil vs Slasher... na, I'm going to stay cloaked thank you very much.  Which wisdom was revealed when two pirate Condors came in and got waxed.  Things were quiet after that until it was time for a corp fleet.

Only 4 of us this time.  But a good time was had none the less.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Quiet night

So, I had my first corp roam last night with my new corpies.  We did not encounter a lot of action.  The only engagement of the period during which I was online, was a poor lonely Rifter.  Who obviously didn't know what he was doing.  He probably panicked radically when being confronted with 6 Tristans and a Navitas.  I didn't need to rep anyone.  Most disappointing.

We did run into a pirate cruiser gang at one point.  I'm surprised none of them locked up any of our slow lumbering Tristans but I'll take a roam with no losses.  Heck I'm logi.  It's what we aim for when we ship up.  We're usually wildly unsuccessful at it but it's what we aim for.

The FW front was kind of quiet last night at least when we were roaming around.  We'll need to see if the next corp roam has more action.  Looking forward to it.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moved to a new corp

Having decided that I was not going to go down the road of starting recruitment and building up my own corp for the time being.  I decided to accept the invitation from Marcel Devereux and join Aideron Robotics.  So I made sure the old corp is under control of one of the many alts and it's currently sleeping the sleep of the just.  Ready for re-activation sometime in the future, when I need it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

POS repping.

So, after getting online, I managed to navigate a Scythe from where it ended up (loaned out to a fellow FW pilot with instructions: either contract it back or cover the isk).  It was contracted back but 4 jumps from the low sec station it is usually housed in.  One suicide run later and it was back in it normal home.

Then I got in a fleet that was setup to go save a POS.  That didn't work out so well, although my Exequror did survive, two caps did not.  In the words the Clear Sky's captain "It's Hot Drop O'Clock".  Note:  When you only have 2 armor logies in fleet, we can only slow down the damage, not stop it...  After a we bit of re-grouping I ended up re-shipping to a Scythe to shield rep the POS.  Then it was a bit of shield edge work while an enemy fleet tried to bash the POS, they they almost got pounced and it was back to repping the POS.  For obvious reasons we declined to loose any other caps repping a POS so the rest of the time until I left the fleet to log off, it was rep away.

Ironies of ironies, I ended up contracting out the Scythe that I did the suicide run with to another pilot to help things go faster and he ended up buying it off me.

At least I got an osprey fit out of it.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I once again found myself without sufficient time to really hunt down a fleet and fly in one.  So Monday I simply mined on my alt figuring that if someone needed a logi pilot they'd pipe up in GalMil visitors.  Relaxing.

Yesterday I moved my main to a plexing system and did a bit of light plexing.  I know that the "strategists" want us to simply let the squids plex out everything but core systems leaving them with very little to plex in but since I can't find any centralized place letting one know which systems are considered "central", and I have yet to figure out exactly who's who of the upper structure of GalMil, I figure fuck it - they want logi that can pay for itself? then I'll plex where I want until I find out what and who.


When one is working 10h days, day after day, one does not have a lot of free time for stuff.